Wedding at Comber Hall: Lakisha and Jhimmy | Coral Gables, Fl.

We dug a bit into our vault today for this featured wedding.  As you will see, however, it was well worth the wait!  Lakisha and Jhimmy were such a joy to shoot and we were lucky enough to capture their big day.  Their love for each other was complimented by the abundance of love that was present by their big family and amazing friends.  From  the moment she walked down the aisle at The First Presbyterian Church of Miami to the last dance at Comber Hall, this was truly a special day of love, laughter and overall fun!

Some couples simply do not want to stress about taking photos of the two of them on the day of their wedding so they opt for a post-session in order to get their formal photos.  Lakisha and Jhimmy took advantage of this option and the results are beautiful images that will hang on the walls of their home for a lifetime.

Santy Martinez - 1Santy Martinez2Santy Martinez2-1Santy Martinez3Santy Martinez4Santy Martinez5Santy Martinez6Santy Martinez7Santy Martinez8Santy Martinez9Santy Martinez10Santy Martinez11Santy Martinez11-1Santy Martinez12Santy Martinez13Santy Martinez14Santy Martinez15Santy Martinez16Santy Martinez17Santy Martinez17-8Santy Martinez18Santy Martinez19Santy Martinez20Santy Martinez21Santy Martinez22Santy Martinez23Santy Martinez24Santy Martinez25Santy Martinez26

Getting Ready Location:  Viceroy Hotel, Church: The First Presbyterian Church of Miami, Venue: Comber Hall, Post Session Location: Epic Hotel, Lead Photographer: Santy Martinez, Second Photographer: Janina


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