Wedding at Lyford Cay, Bahamas: Jill + Robbie | Destination Wedding Photographer

With another destination wedding on the horizon, it is natural for us to reminisce about the fantastic time we had shooting Jill and Robbie’s wedding weekend at the exclusive Lyford Cay Club in the Bahamas.  There is always something special when friends and family from each side meet in one magical place for the purpose of celebrating a beautiful union… and this group sure knew how to celebrate!  From the intimate ceremony by the breathtaking Bahamian shore to the contagious rhythms of the Junkanoo band, this wedding had it all!  Our team was more than delighted to capture each moment, from start to finish, of this spectacular event.  Enjoy the highlights!

Lyford Cay Wedding2 - Santy Martinez3 - Santy Martinez4 - Santy Martinez5 - Santy Martinez6 - Santy Martinez7 - Santy Martinez8 - Santy Martinez9 - Santy Martinez10 - Santy Martinez11 - Santy Martinez12 - Santy Martinez13 - Santy Martinez14 - Santy Martinez15 - Santy Martinez16 - Santy Martinez17 - Santy MartinezLyford Cay Wedding19 - Santy Martinez20 - Santy Martinez21 - Santy Martinez22 - Santy Martinez23 - Santy Martinez24 - Santy Martinez25 - Santy MartinezLyford Cay Wedding27 - Santy Martinez28 - Santy Martinez29 - Santy Martinez30 - Santy Martinez31 - Santy Martinez32 - Santy MartinezLyford Cay Wedding34 - Santy Martinez35 - Santy Martinez36 - Santy Martinez37 - Santy Martinez38 - Santy Martinez39 - Santy Martinez40 - Santy Martinez41 - Santy Martinez42 - Santy Martinez43 - Santy Martinez44 - Santy Martinez45 - Santy Martinez46 - Santy Martinez

Wedding Venue: Lyford Cay Club, Event coordinator: Wildflowers, Lead Photographer: Santy Martinez, 2nd & 3rd Photographers: Annie & Janina


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